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Peel away dull skin with a chemical peel. Like an eraser for your skin, chemical peels melt away dead cells, minimize pores, and leave you with a fresh-faced glow. From light peels to deeper treatments, there's a peel for everyone – and every skin concern. Say goodbye to dullness, fine lines, and uneven texture and hello to a smoother, brighter, and more radiant complexion.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a cosmetic treatment that applies a chemical solution to the skin, which causes the top layer of skin to peel off. This process helps to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels can be performed in a variety of strengths, ranging from mild to deep. The strength of the peel will depend on your skin type and the issues you are looking to address. Our qualified skincare professional can help you determine the best peel strength for your needs.

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My Favorite one in this office is Anna with microblading. Since I haven't had eyebrows in so long by microblading the area she made them look so naturally beautiful and also her art work gave me the confidence that i lost ..Besides being so beautiful inside out she is friendly and professional. Thank u for ur awesome job

Peel away the years!

There are three main types of chemical peels to choose from, each with a different capacity to address your skin concerns. 

Superficial peels

These are the mildest type of chemical peel and are typically used to improve the appearance of mild skin discoloration, rough skin texture, and fine lines. They involve the application of a mild acid, such as alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), to the skin's surface. Superficial peels are usually painless and require little to no downtime.

Medium peels

Medium peels penetrate the skin deeper than superficial peels and are typically used to treat more significant skin concerns such as acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and sun damage. They involve the application of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or glycolic acid to the skin. Medium peels may cause some discomfort and require a few days of downtime for the skin to heal.

Deep peels

The most intense type of chemical peel, deep peels are typically used to treat severe skin concerns such as scars, deep wrinkles, and sun damage. They involve the application of phenol acid to the skin, which penetrates deeply into the skin's layers. Deep peels are the most painful and require the longest recovery time, often up to several weeks.

Give your skin a refresh – here’s what to expect.

Before the chemical peel, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned, and a prep solution will be applied to remove any oils or dirt from the skin's surface. During the procedure, a chemical solution will be applied to your skin, causing it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The type of chemical peel you receive will depend on your skin type and the results you want to achieve.

The procedure itself typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of peel you receive. Afterward, your skin will be sensitive and may appear red or swollen. You may also experience some stinging or burning sensations. It's important to avoid sun exposure for at least one week after the procedure and wear sunscreen.

To help soothe your skin, you can apply a moisturizer or aloe vera gel. In the days following the peel, your skin will begin to peel and flake off. This is normal and a sign that the treatment is working. It's important not to pick at or peel off the skin, as this can lead to scarring or infection.

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​​At Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay, we value a holistic approach to medical aesthetics that not only prioritizes outstanding results but also your overall wellness. We genuinely want you to look and feel your best. Our double-board-certified surgeon, Dr. Fariba Gharai, leads our team of qualified professionals who specialize in transforming your skin with expert cosmetic treatments.

Because every individual is unique, we personalize each treatment to the patient’s specific needs and goals. We want you to feel satisfied with your appearance, so we offer a free consultation to give you more information about our services. We are committed to crafting the ideal treatment plan for you. Call us at (813) 533-1999 or schedule your consultation online for a chemical peel today! 

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