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Venous disease can cause clusters of enlarged, swollen, and knotted veins in the legs, as well as skin discoloration and, in severe cases, ulceration. Whether you're struggling with varicose veins or need treatment for a venous ulcer, our experienced Tampa team is ready to help you find relief and regain your confidence. From minimally invasive procedures like vein ablation and sclerotherapy to cosmetic treatments that enhance your appearance, we offer a range of personalized options to help you look and feel your best.

Our holistic approach to vein care

At Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay, we believe in taking a holistic approach to vein care. This means that we don't just treat the symptoms of venous disease – we also focus on the underlying causes and work to address them through a range of personalized treatment options. Our approach to vein care begins with a thorough physical exam and medical history, followed by patient education on preventing and treating vein disorders. We determine the appropriate treatment plan for each patient using a diagnostic ultrasound. From lifestyle modifications to improve circulation and reduce inflammation to minimally invasive procedures like vein ablation and sclerotherapy, we offer a comprehensive approach to vein care that helps patients achieve long-lasting results and improve their overall health and well-being.

Know the signs of venous disease.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a common condition that primarily affects the legs. Enlarged, twisted veins that cause pain and heaviness and may lead to more serious health issues are the hallmark of this condition.

Spider veins

Spider veins, a less severe form of varicose veins, can be the first sign of deep venous disease. They often resemble a spider web and are typically found on the face or legs near the skin's surface. These veins are usually red or blue.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a medical condition in which a clot or cluster of blood cells forms and blocks the blood flow in the body's deep veins, usually in the legs.

Venous ulcers

A venous ulcer, or non-healing wound, is a chronic sore that can persist for several months. This condition is often caused by venous disease, DVT, peripheral artery disease, or other underlying health conditions.

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Vein treatments can improve your quality of life.

Vein ablation

Vein ablation treats varicose veins and other forms of venous insufficiency. During the procedure, Dr. Gharai makes a small incision in the affected vein and inserts a catheter to deliver heat or laser energy to close the vein.

About vein ablation


Sclerotherapy is a treatment for spider veins and small varicose veins. After we rule out deep vein disease, we then inject a special solution into the affected veins. This causes the veins to collapse and gradually fade away over time.

About sclerotherapy


Phlebectomy removes varicose veins from the legs. During the procedure, Dr. Gharai makes small incisions in the skin and removes the affected veins using a unique tool with minimal discomfort and a quick recovery.

About phlebectomy

Laser vein removal

Dr. Gharai uses a specialized laser to deliver energy to the affected veins during laser vein removal. The laser energy heats the veins and causes them to collapse and gradually fade away as the body absorbs them. 

About laser vein removal

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Candidates for vein treatments typically include individuals who experience discomfort, pain, or swelling in their legs due to varicose veins or other forms of venous insufficiency. Our experienced team can help determine the best course of action for each patient's unique needs, and we offer treatment options for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Why choose Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay?

Dr. Fariba Gharai provides expert-level vein treatment at Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay. She has performed over 2,000 lung, heart, and vascular surgeries over the last 15 years of practicing medicine and shows superior expertise in delivering outstanding outcomes.

At our clinic, we specialize in providing aesthetic and vascular treatments that help our patients look good and feel good. With personalized treatment plans specific to your needs, you can rest assured that you will receive the care and attention you desire with results that reflect your goals.

Whether you want to treat varicose veins or other venous diseases, our team has cutting-edge technology and experience in the most advanced techniques to ensure your well-being for years to come. Call us at (813) 533-1999, or schedule your free consultation online today!

Patient Reviews

I was truly impressed with Dr Gharai and the caring staff and friendly can do attitude and smiles. You guys are TRULY AMAZING, as well as the front desk was incredible on all 3 vis...

Dr Gharai has the best team of medical staff I have been around in a long time. They were busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. The woman ...

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Gharai. I can be a hard critic of Physicians and the people employed by them. Combine that attitude with an innate crankiness when I’...

Dr Gharai was very sensitive to my anxiety in the healthcare setting. She took the time to review my imaging with a radiologist prior to my visit. She explained everything about my...

She is so very caring and takes so much time with you explaining everything she will do. She actually makes you relaxed because you know she is the very best at what she does. Than...

I went to her office and she explained the procedure to me in detail on how she was going to do it from beginning to end. After meeting with her and talking with her and the knowle...

Dr. Gharai should be named among the best doctors in America. Everything about her is superb: great bedside manners, spending time with family, explaining the situation to us, and ...

It is scary to go to the doctor especially when surgery is involved. Fariba is easy to talk to and spends time with the family to explain what she is going to do and why. Coming ou...

She is an excellent physician with lots of medical knowlege. I would take any of my family member to her for any medical issues.

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