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At our Tampa medical aesthetic center, we make complete skin transformation possible. Whatever your skin tone or skin condition is, we offer safe, effective treatments for a range of aesthetic concerns – all while giving your skin a lift and your confidence a boost.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses laser technology to improve the skin's texture, tone, and overall appearance. The treatment works by stimulating collagen production in the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. Laser Genesis is a gentle and comfortable treatment that can be used on all skin types and requires no downtime. The treatment usually takes less than an hour, and you can return to your daily routine immediately. With continued treatments, patients can achieve a more youthful, radiant complexion. Laser Genesis is safe and effective for anyone looking to improve how their skin looks.

Repair. Restore. Renew your skin.

In just a few treatments, you’ll see visible improvement in the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and freckles
  • Age/brown spots
  • Facial redness
  • Facial and leg veins
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The science behind Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis uses non-invasive laser technology to gently heat the upper dermis, which is located well below the skin's surface. This heat stimulates collagen production, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the laser generates heat in dilated capillaries, reducing redness in the skin.

Transform how you look and feel.

Our comprehensive Laser Genesis treatment targets the primary signs of aging, like pigmentation, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face and body. The treatment is often described as a soothing and calming experience by users. While undergoing the procedure, you may feel a mild warming sensation on the surface of your skin. 

Following your treatment, you may experience slight redness or darkening of the treatment area, which will resolve within a few hours or days, depending on your skin condition. With a little makeup and sunscreen, you can return to your normal daily activities immediately and feel confident about your skin again.

Laser Genesis can help revitalize your skin's youthful glow and appearance over the course of four to six treatments. While the results of individual treatments may be subtle, the overall effect of multiple treatments can be pretty dramatic, and you can expect to see a visible difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

EXO stem cell therapy

Laser Genesis can be combined with EXO stem cell therapy to provide powerful regenerative benefits for your body and skin. EXO stem cell therapy uses exosomes derived from stem cells to promote healing and rejuvenation in the body. The treatment accelerates the healing process and enhances results by reducing inflammation. It works by increasing collagen and elastin production by approximately 30% and boosting hyaluronic acid production by 10%. 

This leads to healthier, stronger, and more rejuvenated skin, helping to speed up desired outcomes. When combined with Laser Genesis, these treatments can enhance the regenerative properties of each other, significantly improving your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. The combination of EXO stem cell therapy and Laser Genesis can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, while also promoting healing and rejuvenation in the body.

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What makes Laser Genesis different?

What areas can be treated?

What is diffuse redness?

What can I expect before the treatment?

How many treatments will I need?

What are the potential side effects

What makes Laser Genesis different?

Using advanced laser technology, Laser Genesis is a non-invasive treatment that effectively addresses fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and scars. It provides consistent and noticeable results without the need for any numbing agents or gels, all while ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

What areas can be treated?

Laser Genesis has been reported to produce excellent results on the entire face and neck, as well as recent scars on other parts of the body. Practitioners may recommend this therapy to effectively reduce the appearance of scars and improve overall skin texture.

What is diffuse redness?

Diffuse redness is a common facial condition characterized by a general appearance of redness, often seen as rosy cheeks. This occurs due to dilated capillaries, resulting in a diffuse and non-well-defined appearance of redness. The affected areas are typically the cheeks, forehead, and nose. This condition is often associated with rosacea, which can be hereditary. Laser Genesis can gently treat and reduce this condition, resulting in an improved appearance.

What can I expect before the treatment?

Prior to a Laser Genesis treatment, there is no need for gel, anesthetic cream, or ice. However, patients may be asked to remove any makeup or moisturizers before the treatment. In some cases, patients may also be asked to shave the area to be treated. Your skincare professional will guide and assist with all pre-treatment requirements to ensure the best possible results.

How many treatments will I need?

On average, you may require 4 to 6 treatments to achieve optimal results. Every patient’s condition and needs vary. For more information about your expected results or the number of treatments necessary, consult your skincare professional.

What are the potential side effects

Most patients report few side effects, if any, but the most common possibility is a slight redness that disappears within a few hours of your treatment. Our skincare professional will give you complete information about the benefits and risks of treatment.

Love your skin at any age.

Everyone ages differently. Some develop fine lines and wrinkles; others show the wear of time through redness, age, brown spots, and maybe even veins surfacing on your face and body. Whatever your skin concern may be, Laser Genesis can help erase the effects of aging and banish sun damage, wrinkles, facial redness, and unsightly veins on the face and body. During your consultation with our skincare professional at Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay, we will customize your treatment to address your specific skin concerns.

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Why choose Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay?

At the Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay, we understand that beauty is not just about physical appearance but also about emotional well-being. That's why we value a holistic approach to supporting our patients in achieving their aesthetic goals. Our goal is to help you radiate confidence in every facet of your life, whether by reducing the appearance of fine lines, fading acne scars, or simply promoting a healthy, youthful look. Our team, led by Dr. Fariba Gharai, a double-board-certified cardiovascular surgeon and medical aesthetics expert, offers a wide range of treatments to improve your appearance and how you feel inside. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for Laser Genesis in Tampa Bay.

We are here to make you look good and feel good

Seeing the results you desire in the mirror is within reach! Schedule your free consultation with Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa Bay, and find out how Dr. Gharai can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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